Letter of the Day

Pi Debate Focuses On Math, Marriage

Editor, Times-Dispatch: In a recent letter, Donald Cahill tries to relate recognizing same-sex marriage to redefining the value of pi. There is a basic flaw in this argument. Pi is a mathematically proven number. It is a known fact that when one takes the ratio of the circumference of a circle related to its diameter, one gets pi. I am sure that there is an argument somewhere that disputes this, but none that holds any water.

As far as marriage goes, there is nothing other than precedent (based on moralistic views) that says marriage should be only between a man and a woman. The issue here is one of rights and freedoms, not whether one believes same-sex marriage is good or bad.

Pi is defined by science; marriage is defined by society. Michael Z. Bruni. richmond

There are those vein of people who don’t like to hear about science. Apparently, these are the people who were sorely disappointed when they were told that the Earth isn’t actually flat.


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