Today’s Swat

The ‘neo-conservative’ movement is nothing more than Nixon-era cronies who view egotism as the highest form of patriotism. Their scion, New England-bred George W. Bush, has fooled the good-natured Southern folk of our nation by adopting an ‘aw shucks’, ‘one-of-you-guys’ persona. Meanwhile, he shows his face when there’s use for a puppet and during the remainder of his time he hides in virtual seclusion while his cabal makes decisions behind closed doors. He is a macho-tough-guy during an age where traditional masculinity has become more and more irrelevant in our day-to-day lives and is becoming relegated to the arena of sports competition. Since these elitists have been in office, they have only made it easier for those who already have it made to trample on the already downtrodden. They have greased the slippery path. They have oiled the silent hinge. There is no use to have these people running our government or representing our interests. There never was.


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