Perspective of the Day

Judaeo-Christian Ethic Obscures Differences

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Molly Maffel’s letter concerning the New Testament and anti-Semitism is only partially correct.

As a Hebrew (Jew is a reference to a religion, not a race), I am not wary of my surroundings or of the world situation. Yes, 6 million of my people were murdered by a madman named Hitler, but am I to live in the past and fear for my future? Most assuredly, no! Perhaps the reasons for this are that I don’t hold a people or a group accountable for an individual’s actions. I am also a Christian and have no fear of the future because I know who holds the future.

While it is true that Jesus fulfilled not just the prophecies of the Old Testament, but also the demands of the Old Testament according to the Law and sacrificial commands, Christians are not compelled to live by the Ten Commandments or any other of the Old Testament laws. These were fulfilled by Jesus and set aside. Most people do not realize that the Ten Commandments were given only to the Hebrews. This qualifier is in the First Commandment when God says, “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; you shall have no other gods before me.” When a person makes a will and later changes his mind and makes another will, the first will is null and void. It is the same with the Old and New Testaments or wills.

The Judaeo-Christian ethic is a misnomer in that the two religions differ radically. If a Christian really believes that Christians are to obey the Ten Commandments, for example, I would ask if he profanes the Fourth Commandment concerning the Sabbath.

Let us keep the values of the two religions separate and within the constraints of their own religious systems and let all things be motivated by love – not for man but for God. Bob Nudelman. chester.


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