Letter of the Day

Let’s Have More Common Sense, Please

Editor, Times-Dispatch: This letter is in response to the ignorant swill spewing from Ross Mackenzie’s column, “On Terror, Hate, Humor, LOTR, Gadarene Flight, Etc.” Mackenzie says of the Methodist Church’s decision to allow an openly gay minister to keep her post: “So, in yet another mainline denomination, Scriptural admonition yields once more to a phony inclusiveness and right reason takes a gadarene plunge.”

Jesus never once mentioned homosexuality, or any divine disapproval of homosexuality, during His lifetime. In fact, the only biblical references to homosexuality occur in the Old Testament – a time when the Bible was being written not so much as a spiritual guide, but more as a conduit for political ideology.

My real reason for writing is not to debate religion. I know that God loves me just as He made me. However, I do want to address the common misconception that being gay is a choice. I do not wake up every morning and ask myself, “What’s it going to be today, John, women or men?” The choices I make on a daily basis mirror those of any other single, young professional living in Richmond – the real defining questions such as, do I really need to shave today? or do I really need to iron this shirt? or can I hit “snooze” one more time?

All I’m asking for is that more common sense, and less Bible-thumping, work itself into the discourse surrounding gay-rights issues in this country. Being gay is no more of a choice than being straight, and working toward a society that recognizes this is not a descent into moral bankruptcy as Mackenzie would have us believe. The ability to think rationally is a God-given gift; Mackenzie should stop squandering it. John McCarter. richmond.

Finally, someone says something decent about Ross Mackenzie. Mr. McCarter is actually giving ol’ Ross credit for the ability to hold a rational thought!

For those who don’t read the Times-Dispatch editorial pages much, let me fill you in. Mr. Mackenzie’s sole goal in life seems to be to stir up the bugaboo of homosexuals as some kind of scare tactic to round up folks to his other extremist right-wing ideas, such as mandatory federal service for all citizens. He’s good at using the Bible as a weapon against good citizens yet I’m not sure he reads the whole Bible, just the parts that lean his way.

My general impression of him is that he must be a closeted homosexual himself. If he was secure in his heterosexuality, he wouldn’t have a problem with it.


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