Letter of the Month

Lawmakers Have A Duty to Act

Editor, Times-Dispatch: I began my state service in the office of Governor James Price on April 12, 1939. I retired 50 years and nine months later at the end of Governor Gerald Baliles’ administration. In the early days of my service, the General Assembly met biennially, but I saw many Assemblies in session. Never in all my 50-plus years did I see such a screwed-up mess as now exists in the Assembly.

One of the most ridiculous suggestions being considered is that of holding a referendum in which the voters could decide whether taxes should be increased. The Senators and Delegates are elected to represent the voters by enacting legislation that is appropriate and necessary.

If our members of the Assembly don’t have enough intestinal fortitude to enact legislation, although unpopular with the voters but necessary to keep state government operating, then they ought to fold their tents and silently steal away. Margaret A. Bowlin. colonial heights.

Round of loud and long applause.


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