Drivel of the Day

Here’s an example of why Richmond will never be successful when led by idiots who write pathetic garbage such as:

Media Should Have Covered Sub Story

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Deplorable is the word needed to describe the City of Richmond’s news media – the Times-Dispatch, and the television stations – for their combined narrow-mindedness on coverage of the Confederate submarine Hunley’s native Virginian, Frank Collins, when he lay in state at the State Capitol.

This young Virginian answered the call of Virginia in its defense against the Union forces waging war and economic suppression of the Confederacy and its populace – a call to duty that would claim his life. The Hunley delivered the first successful engagement of a submarine sinking another enemy vessel during wartime.

The continued sequestering and non-coverage and/or printing of pertinent historical information during the years of this war, especially to the heroics of men such as Seaman Collins, only serve to further the healing process.

It’s time for the media to step up and print and assist in getting the whole story of this war to the American people, a story still unwritten, again sequestered because there was a Union victory and the conquerors always write the stories. Jerry Wells. richmond.

First of all, there’s some question as to whether or not the writer meant to say ‘hinder’ instead of ‘further’ in the 3rd graph. Otherwise, though, can’t people find better things to do with their lives than to keep fighting the Civil War over and over? Yes, folks. The Civil War is over in the history books, but in the minds of the Jerry Wells’ of ‘the South’ it will never die.


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