Rock and Roll Suicide

Today is the Tenth Anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s self-inflicted death. There are those who think he revolutionized music. They’re wrong It’s true that as a lyricist, Cobain was clever, though mostly obtuse. His popularity stemmed from the fact that he seemed to represent the forgotten and sang his angst with a energy and passion that was both raw and intelligent. But, the success of ‘Nevermind’ has more to do with the greatness of Butch Vig’s production than with the songwriting skills of Cobain.

Cobain did not revolutionize music. His cohort brought the possibility of punk rock to the everyday person and the critics called it ‘grunge’ because nobody dressed up in spandex or big hair to play it nor did they spike up their hair or wear a bunch of leather and clothepins in their ears. The music was simple, loud, but sonically satisfying because it followed good pop music principles. Instead of trying to offend the listener, it expressed deep emotion through sound waves, which is what music has always done. Those who are tempted to follow Cobain’s path to so-called glory need to know: we have no need for any more psuedo-martyrs.


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