People have reacted to the killings in Fallujah as firm evidence of the big mistake Bush made in invading Iraq. I’ve seen the horrible pictures of the dead, chard bodies of American contract workers (civilians basically) hung from a bridge in the Iraqi city. I’ve seen the kids laughing at the bodies, kicking them, prodding the corpses. This event alone has not changed anything.

The main problem is not that we invaded Iraq. If we thought we had undeniable compelling interests in doing so, and not doing so would lead to eventual, unquestionable destruction of our own country, then what choice was there? Never mind that the thought turned out to be a farce.

The main problem is that Bush and Co., having been completely misled by Iraqi dissidents who escaped the Hussein regime, thought they had a cakewalk at hand. The idea was that U.S. troops would be hailed as ‘liberators’ and welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately, it could be true in some areas of Iraq, yet not in others. Some may be really glad to have the old regime out. Some may think it stinks. Bush and Co. thought they had it all under control, that they were well prepared, that Halliburton et al could just take control and things would be fine. Even the fact that the invasion only stirred up more anti-American hatred was used as a hindsight reason to invade – ‘See, we’re smoking out the terrorists,’ they said.

No. Our presence in Iraq, from the start, is creating more people willing to die for the ‘terrorists’ cause. We’re not winning people to our cause. Bottom line – people don’t like you taking control over their lives, even if you say it’s for their own good. Fallujah merely proves this point all too well, but it doesn’t change the substance of the issue. We have no coherent plan.


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