Quote of the Day

“While the political branches can perhaps survive the constant baseless allegations of impropriety that have become the staple of Washington reportage, this Court cannot. The people must have confidence in the integrity of the Justices, and that cannot exist in a system that assumes them to be corruptible by the slightest friendship or favor.”

–Antonin Scalia

Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to disband the Supreme Court then. After their 2000 election decision, I certainly don’t have any confidence in them. I’m thinking that most Americans don’t even understand what they do and, if they did, would see them as sort of a pompous joke. Even if they were capable of making non-politicized legal decisions, why do we need to have federal courts to begin with? There’s just too much redundancy in our legal system. State courts. Federal courts. Appeals courts. Ad nauseum. No wonder the average American can’t understand half of it.


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