Dennis Miller

This guy used to be funny. He’s always been cutely smug about how gosh, darn smart he is. I got to see him live at the Robins Center at the University of Richmond back in the early 90’s. I remember that it was pretty entertaining, but that he seemed to talk down to the crowd. He’s make some obscure literary reference and expect everyone to know what he was talking about. I think that was around about the same year I got to see Gorbachev speak as well. Gorbachev wasn’t quite as funny. I’ll give Miller that.

But, last night I saw Miller on his new show on one of the NBC cable affiliates – CNBC, MSNBC, or something like that – oh, yeah – it’s actually DNBC – where the ‘D’ is for ‘Dud’. The guy is a total, unfunny, joke of himself. He’s playing the ‘I was once a liberal, but converted to conservatism’ schtick, sipping martinis between segments and acting like a complete buffoon. I’m not a big fan of most of his ideology, but at least O’Reilly has a solid show and doesn’t have to try too hard, which is exactly what Miller seems to be doing – like a guy who just can’t stand not getting all the attention. A sad clown who wants to be taken seriously – that’s what Miller seems to be at this point.

Side note – if you take a look at the ‘DM’ logo for Dennis Miller’s show, there’s an uncanny resemblance to the logo that Depeche Mode used during their ‘Violator’ period. What’s up with that? Maybe the DNBC art department thought it would be a funny joke, since Miller also seems to be a bit of a homophobe. Depeche Mode is typically thought of as a ‘gay’ band. (I always thought that characterization was sort of ridiculous – since they have always seemed to have such a solid following of chick fans. I mean if there’s a ‘gay’ band out there – what about Aerosmith? ‘Dude looks like a lady?’ Hmmmm.)


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