Non Sequitur History Lesson of the Day

Another bizarre letter printed in Richmond’s strange daily paper:

1612 Charter Addressed Water

Editor, Times-Dispatch: The 1612 Charter granted the Jamestown Settlement and its successors forever all the waters and marshes west of the coast of Virginia from 200 miles north of Point Comfort to 200 miles south of Point Comfort to a distance of 100 English miles inland.

Jamestown got the waters in the Appomattox River to way past Lake Chesdin and the James way beyond Richmond. It used the west banks of the Chesapeake Bay in its interpretation of the coast of Virginia. Doesn’t that scare anyone?

As the settlers got everything below the ground, wouldn’t their successors own the waters in wells unless owners could point to a predecessor in interest that came in the those first three charters, or got written permission from the First Colony?

Those promises were attached to the land and guaranteed by the English Crown, its heirs and successors. The settlers got absolute control of the fisheries and they used the rivers and waters to block the Indians who were limited to the high-water mark until the rights of patent owners were extended to the low-water mark in 1679. Mary F. Potter. west point.

Oh my Goodness, she’s right! All that water – Good Lord!!! OK. OK. I’m not sure exactly what the issue actually is here. From what I’m reading, the writer is concerned with some kind of interpretation of history that gives descendents of Jamestown a bunch of waterways to include well water or some such goofiness. This interpretation seems not slightly amiss given a little event we like to call the American Revolution. What the English Crown determined back in 1612 makes little difference to our sovereign nation. We look back on those times in remembrance from where we’ve come, but we no longer bow to the English Crown – or do we? Uh-oh. Better revise those 8th Grade History Texts.


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