Robot Messiah

From Gizmodo

JOEL JOHNSON — These are the sort of headlines I wake up for in the morning: ‘Robot Jesus Used In Gibson Film.’ According to Ananova, it got too cold for star Jim Caviezel to be filmed in just his skivvies up there on the cross, so a $400,000 robot was built to simulate Caviezel simulating Christ simulating the Son of God. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I bet you that no one would have killed Jesus if they would have known he was a robot. A couple of eye-beam laser blasts later, halves of Pharisees go flying through the air; Robo-Jesus tears himself off the cross and uses it to clear a path through the crowd, then launches into the air with his rocket sandals, leaving the still-crackling husk of Pontius Pilate below. I’ll be back, indeed.


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