Correspondent of the Day

From the venerable RTD editorial board:

Editor, Times-Dispatch: I am 11 years old and I want to say that how women are portrayed makes me angry! It makes me angry because I should not have to see something like the depiction of a naked woman in the mall that I am visiting or paying to keep in business. I also should not have to change the channel when a commercial or show comes on that promotes stuff like that. It makes me wonder why women would want to show themselves like that.

Women should be respected when it comes down to it – and so should I! Dyllan Shaw. petersburg.


Perhaps when the lad comes of age he’ll begin to understand some of the ways of adults and his anger will subside. He also may come to understand that the portrayal of one woman is not the potrayal of all women. This is a common logical error among pre-adolescents. As far as respect, it comes in many forms.


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