The Enemy Within

The problem with political conservativism wielding governmental power is that its basic tenents are rooted in the idea that government should have as little control over our lives as possible. This sounds ‘surface good’ – (use Dana Carvey voice of George H. W. Bush here) handy theory – not too bad – could go along with it. Unfortunately, in the world of the political conservative, ‘our lives’ equates to the life of the Corporation, not the lives of ordinary citizens. Political conservatives have a long history of being more than happy to meddle in the private life of the common citizen, as long as the end result is a benefit for the Corporation. This ‘government as the enemy’ philosophy is the brainchild of a model of Capitalism that puts the Corporation ahead of all else.

However, we did not fight the Revolutionary War so that we could trade in King George for King Philip (Morris). At some point, the common citizen must govern himself and herself. We must govern ourselves with, you guessed it, government. Private interests cannot do this. Private interests, regardless of how large they become, will only be willing to compete amongst themselves for larger and larger slices of the public pie (our tax money). Their interests lie only in pleasing investors. Investors have the overriding interest of making money off of their investment. These investors may live in an entirely different part of the world from where they are investing. These investors aren’t necessary Americans living in a Democracy. They may be sheiks living in a dictatorship. They may be billionaires living on their own island in the Carribean. They couldn’t care less about public policy generally – what they care about is an enviornment in which they are guaranteed as much as an advantage as possible in ensuring that their investment is blossoming.

To put it in terms a political conservative could understand, having someone like yourself in charge of government is like putting an environmentalist in charge of the oil refinery.


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