Mel Gibson, Christian

Where was this guy when he made the Mad Max movies? I don’t really sense his devotion to the suffering of Christ in any of the Lethal Weapon movies either.

Again, I will confess that I have not seen the ‘Passion’ movie, but I dislike horror films, so I probably won’t see it.

Andrew Sullivan, someone who has seen the film, says this:

“I repeat that there is something deeply disturbed about this film. Its extreme and un-Biblical fascination with human torture reflects, to my mind, not devotion to the message of the Cross but a kind of psycho-sexual obsession with extreme violence that Gibson has indulged in many of his other movies and is now trying to insinuate into Christianity itself. The film could have shown suffering and cruelty much differently. It could have led us into the profound psychological pain that Jesus and his mother and disciples must have endured by giving us some human context to empathize with them; it could have prompted the viewer to use his or her own imagination to fill in the gaps of terror, as all great art does; it could have done much more by showing us much less. But the extremity is Gibson’s obvious point. I can understand why traditionalist Catholics might be grateful that there is some Hollywood representation of their faith. But they shouldn’t let their gratitude blind them to the psychotic vision of this disturbed director – and the deeper, creepier, heterodox theology that he is trying to espouse.”

Might Is Right

If might is right what happens when the mighty lose? Are they wrong? If yes, how is it that the vanquished can assume a martyr’s posture?

Rule of the jungle: a bigger alpha male will always come around. Right and wrong are illusions in the eyes of the victorious.

Idiot of the Day

Forget Gay Rights – Fornication Is Rampant

Editor, Times-Dispatch: In the past few months I have been hearing more and more about gay marriage and domestic partners, and the lack of rights and company benefits. There have been public outcries for constitutional amendments protecting and defining marriage. While I am not for same-sex marriage and believe marriage is a God-ordained institution between a man and a woman, I think this nation needs to realize that fornication, i.e., adults having consensual sexual activity outside marriage, has overtaken this nation and cities on a large scale in the country for a generation.

Our young men and women have been taught that it is okay to have sex whenever they like. I fear that heterosexual couples have given themselves over to practices that are sodomy – and marriage itself, from Jesus’ perspective, has been lost.

We are a nation of fornicators. We are Sodom already. The Bible in Genesis 18 and 19, and in Jude, gives the account of what God did to Sodom years ago and why; yet we have ignored the message, calling it myth or just a story.

We as a people need to repent – i.e., change our mind about sin, and trust the Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed for us on the cross 2,000 years ago, or we too will go the way of Sodom. Marcus Oliver. richmond.

Imagine that – people having sex whenever they want!!!! God will strike us down!!

Letter of the Day

Bush Administration Exploits Resources

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Your editorial, “Important Step,” represents yet another example of your consistently flawed thinking when it comes to energy policies. Like the Bush administration, you style yourselves “conservatives” but when it comes to the environment and natural resources, “conservation” is apparently the furthest thing from your minds.

You are correct that the U.S. should reduce its foreign oil dependence. What I don’t understand is why you and our administration focus exclusively on the supply side of that problem. Cutting demand accomplishes the same goal without further degrading our environment.

If we would apply to SUVs and pickup trucks the fuel economy standards we apply to automobiles, the resulting drop in the demand for foreign oil would be far greater than the 15 billion barrels potentially found in the National Petroleum Reserve. If we would begin subsidizing renewable and clean energy sources such as solar and wind as heavily as we do the oil, coal, and nuclear industries, renewable technology could begin to compete on a more cost-effective basis. If we would subsidize mass transit as heavily as we do the road-building and automobile industries, we could reduce both oil demand and air pollution.

Alas, none of those things is likely to happen as long as the Bush administration remains in power. The U.S. seems bent on pursuing the maximum exploitation of our precious remaining natural resources.

We are fortunate to live in a state that for the most part does not see evidence of these policies, so it’s easy to ignore environmental problems occurring in West Virginia (coal), Wyoming (natural gas), and Alaska (oil). Therefore, it’s even more critical here for major media sources to help educate the public on the dangers of “drill first, ask questions later” thinking. Andrew Tucker. glen allen.

Sympathy for the Devil

Today’s news reports that a police investigation into the handling of the Columbine incident revealed no negligence. What are the police going to say? “Yeah – we botched this one big time. Please sue us.”?

A lot of the focus, though, has been on the police and their ignoring repeated warnings about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The law, however, should not protect us from all possible fears and foes. Law enforcement is called ‘enforcement’ and not ‘prevention’ for a reason. It works like most health insurance. The focus is not on every imaginable prevention method. The focus is on specific incidents – crime in the case of law enforcement and sickness in the case of health insurance.

So far I’ve not seen any focus on the reasons behind the murderous rampage. These were not stupid kids. In fact, by all accounts, they were fairly bright, though not stellar students. However, they did not fit in to the ‘norm’ and were outcast sorts. They listened to groups such as KMFDM (one of my personal favorites – a group also hailed by U2’s Bono during that group’s Zoo TV phase), which are largely misunderstood by mainstream authorities for their use of dada-istic use of symbols and irony. These kids were picked on, abused and bullied. They struck back. Who’s more evil? The bullies? The killers? Or the system that created both?

For a pretty good web site on the topic, press your mouse button here.

Economic Theory

The problem with economic theory, like the idea that shipping jobs overseas so that Americans can spend their time doing more useful things, is that it is just theory. Granted, it may make some sort of sense if those who are affected by the changes caused by implementation of a particular theory are prepared (emotionally as well as economically) to make the moves necessary, but not so good when people find out about what’s happening after their job has already been shipped off to India.

And by prepartion I don’t mean – ‘By the way Joe, we’re switching things up a little – instead of making good pay making engine parts, you’re going to be making minimum wage as an Assistant Manager at the local Wendy’s.’