Letter of the Day

Finally, a religious person says something positive about sex. This is from today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Responsible Sex Occurs in Marriage

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Tammie Smith’s article, “A Choice to Live or Die,” presented earnest faces of youth, honoring those who have died from AIDS, but left out an important element of this “choice” for life.

These earnest youth need to hear the message that responsible sexual behavior situates sexual expression within committed, permanent relationships. Chastity is a virtue that can develop a person’s authentic maturity and guide his or her sexual instinct in the service of genuine, committed love. A choice to live can be made through the practice of the virtue of chastity.

The principal message that begins this article suggests that “safe sex” is an acceptable norm for adolescents. Safe sex separates sexuality from the whole person. Sexuality, understood as a gift from God, expressed in the context of committed love, provides for the deepest enrichment of the human person.

As a Catholic parent of a 20-year old son, I want my son to learn and live by an ethic that reserves sexual expression for lifelong, faithful, and committed relationships. Why? Because this God-given gift of sexuality is more than a bodily function that must be protected in order to avoid the consequence of AIDS.

All youth deserve guidance that directs their self-awareness and development toward wholeness. Human sexuality is a gift to be “protected” through self-respect, self-restraint, and mature commitment. Emily Filippi, Associate Director, Office of Christian Formation, Catholic Diocese of Richmond. richmond.


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