Idiotic Editorial of the Day

Another gem from the good ol’ Richmond Times-Dispatch:

No Conspiracy

The other day the YWCA canned its chief executive, former NOW leader Patricia Ireland. Neither the YWCA nor Ms. Ireland would discuss the issues leading to the firing, but at least publicly Ms. Ireland seems puzzled by it.

The mainline media suggest pressure from Christian organizations forced Ms. Ireland out. (One such group, the Traditional Values Coalition, claimed responsibility in The New York Times.) For her part, “the feminist leader” – in the words of The Times – dismisses those claims. She told The Washington Post, “We had and still have the same positions on many of the issues the right wing was up- set about . . . .I would hate to think that the YWCA would cave to [Christian pressure], and I don’t think [it] did, though it’s among the possibilities.”

Apparently Patricia Ireland lacks the paranoia of Hillary Clinton, who, if in Ms. Ireland’s shoes, would cast the blame on a conspiracy that is vast and right-wing.

Ireland, by the way, was the longest serving member of the National Organization for Women (NOW). U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, and U.S. Representatives Cynthia McKinney and Lynn Woolsey all credit NOW support for their political support.

Two things strike me as odd about this editorial. One: the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the stalwart of the Old South is quoting these Yankee papers on a story that has very little to do with Richmond. Two: Why the stretch to include Hillary Clinton in this story? All in all, this editorial seems just like a poor attempt at saying – ‘oh, by the way, we hate Hillary Clinton, in case you haven’t guessed’ – ‘oh, and also we don’t like women in positions of power.’

Message to RTD editorial board: grow up, simpletons.


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