Temporary Hiatus

I’ve had two set-backs the last few days – first, our home phone went dead and thanks to the ineptitude of Cavalier Telephone it hasn’t been fixed since last Thursday. I suppose they are only being true to their name in their attitude towards the issue. Meanwhile, I contracted some kind of throat infection (not strep, though that’s also going around in our building at work). Pasquale is letting me use his iBook so I can update this.

Meanwhile, I’ve missed the big trip to Maryland to see my Aunt. Not good.


Legal Term of the Day

“A writ of certiorari is a petition for review. That’s the normal process by which matters such as these come before the United States Supreme Court. It’s a petition to the court requesting that they take the case. They make a decision as to whether or not they will take the case. It’s a matter of discretion with them.”

–Attorney Herb Titus, Counsel for Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Saving Tillie

Even if you don’t live in New Jersey, which I don’t. And even if you have never been to Asbury Park, which I haven’t, you may want to check out this effort to save the oldest indoor amusement park in the U.S. Officially known as ‘Palace Amusements’, the park is also known as ‘The Palace’ and is mentioned in Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’, which, in case you haven’t been paying attention during the past twenty-eight years, is a quite famous piece of American music. I remember the lyrics were even presented as poetry in an anthology I studied when in college (yes, I was one of those English majors). Good stuff.

‘Tillie’ apparently refers to the iconic grinning face of a character that was painted on the giant Palace by the late Leslie W. Thomas. It seems that the original design of Tillie though owes credit to George C. Tilyou, the man who opened Steeplechase Park in Coney Island, NY, who, in turn, was inspired by the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

I guess, though, my question is – if people really cared about Tillie so much, why was The Palace left to the point of disrepair and decay to invite developers to raze it in the first place?

It’s a shame, yes. But, the past is called the past because it already happened. You can never arrive in the future until you get passed the past and into the present.

Ten Commandments

The hoopla over the removal of the Ten Commandments from a prominent public space in a courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama is not about the separation of Church and State. It’s a matter of a tacky slab of granite. Whatever you believe about religion, no one should be worshipping an over-done piece of rock.

True believers know that the truth lies in the heart, no matter what is carved in stone.

Oh, and wasn’t there something about not making any graven images somewhere?

We’re All Martians Now?

Looking up into the night sky, it will be clear and large as the moon. Mars. Our sister planet. Rising in all its redness, its majesty. Tonight is the night. A mere 34,646,418 miles separated the planets 41 minutes before sunrise this morning. The first time in human history. We now know that we are not alone. We can look up into the sky and feel the presence of our Martian brethren.

Er…not quite. Actually, thought it’s closer than ever, the ‘Perihelic Opposition of Mars’ will hardly be visible to the naked eye. Like a bright star – maybe.

Frankly, I’m more interested in the ‘Transit of Venus’ next June.