The Gaskets

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t a music review. But, I just bought the first, self-titled, self-produced album by The Gaskets, a local band here in Richmond, Virginia. Purchased off of The Gaskets are Ted and Ross. Both of them are VCU students. Their sound is a combination of Devo, Weird Al Yankovic, Beck and Nine Inch Nails if Trent Reznor was Jim Henson. I saw them at King’s Dominion (I’m a roller coaster freak among other things) when they opened for Weird Al. Usually Weird Al and his super talented band (think Paul Schaeffer and the CBS Orchestra ne’ World’s Most Dangerous Band) open with a comedian, but these guys won a contest by the local pop station at Matt’s Village Pub and the rest is history. I saw them again at Potter’s Pub.

For some reason there seems to be a lot of Pubs in Richmond with an English flavor, now that I think about it. Another one is Penny Lane, which is in the infamous downtown area, where I work.

Word of warning. Don’t ever go downtown. There’s nothing to see except historic markers, Nation of Islam representatives, decayed buildings and idiotic City Council People. Stay in Chesterfield or Henrico County, where it’s safe. Better yet – stay far away from Central Virginia in general. Stay at home and sit in front of your computer screen and read my blog.